MQ-7 Breakout Kit + Maker Faire Demo

MQ-7 Breakout Kit + Maker Faire Demo

Well, the time has come to officially release the first piece of the Citizen Sensor kit. Unfortunately it is for a sensor I have already decided to replace with a higher resolution version.  However, it seems that a lot of people use the MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide Gas sensor online – Sparkfun sells it, as does Polulu and several others.

However none of them use it CORRECTLY.

I wrote about how the sensor is supposed to work in a previous post about the prototype of this kit.

I’ll be selling this (price to be determined) at Maker Faire NYC this Saturday and Sunday September 25 and 26.

I will also be giving a talk/demo of the system at the Make Magazine Stage on Saturday at 3:30pm! Very excited about sharing my work there.