Eye On Earth Summit 2011

Eye On Earth Summit 2011

I’m super excited to have been invited to the Eye On Earth Summit in Abu Dhabi this December.

I’ll be giving a talk about the DIY, open-source, educational application and aspects of environmental and air quality monitoring. I’ll also have a kiosk where I’ll have a few prototypes and some interactive live data feeds.

I’m also really excited to be installing a unit in Abu Dhabi! It’ll be posting live data to the Weather Tunnel Pachube account, as it will contain all the same sensors and use the basic design as the unit mounted at the Univ. of S. Wales in Perth Australia, that was installed several months ago for the Weather Tunnel project. You can find all datastreams, still live, here: http://pachube.com/feeds/22587.

The unit I will take to Abu Dhabi, will be the same as the Weather Tunnel design. Here’s a PDF about how that unit works:

I’m currently looking for someone to host a unit in Abu Dhabi! It only requires power and an Ethernet internet connection! Also a window nearby is helpful :)