CS now on GitHub and Upverter!

CS now on GitHub and Upverter!

You may or may not have noticed that one of the core aspects of this project is the open-source nature of it. If people are to be ‘empowered’ to measure their own space – they need to have instructions how to do it. I’ve posted almost every thing on the Make/Resources page from code to circuit board schematics to Instructables.

For more community-based sharing, Citizen Sensor is now on GitHub and Upverter.

Here’s the GitHub repo (organization of the folder structure is still being worked on) : http://github.com/jmsaavedra/Citizen-Sensor

Upverter is a great new online tool for open source hardware. You can create schematics and it will automatically build a parts list and allow others to fork and edit the circuit design itself. It’s GitHub for hardware – and can even associate a git repo with your design. After creating an account and laying out the most recent Weather Tunnel design, Upverter featured it as the ‘design of the week‘! Awesome.

Another cool thing: I can embed schematics right on this page! Check out the Weather Tunnel unit design. It’s missing the Ethernet Shield for the Arduino – but all connections are to the Mega.

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