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  • sensor hub, prototype v02

    sensor hub, prototype v02

    The results of my homemade PCB experiment were extremely successful.  hub v02 features 4 USB female USB ports, with access...

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  • sensor hub, prototype v01

    sensor hub, prototype v01

    This was my first prototype of the hub that will allow the user to connect and disconnect sensors as they...

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  • armband, prototype v01

    armband, prototype v01

    I had some help from Ira in making this first legitimate prototype happen, however I have had positive user test...

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  • enclosure prototype

    enclosure prototype

    The arduino + shield will need to be housed in some sort of enclosure, and then attached to the wearable...

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  • arduino + GPS Shield

    arduino + GPS Shield

    Here is the Arduino and Adafruit’s GPS shield, assembled and put together.  This will be the brains for reading sensor...

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